Why Block Coding is the Best Programming Language for Kids

Introducing your kids to the world of programming and coding can be challenging, especially considering the number of programming languages out there. Most parents who want their kids to gain an interest in computer programming tend to be confused about the preliminary language that will later set the stage for more advanced programming skills. While there are multiple computer languages out there and equally numbered opinions and recommendations for kids to start with, Block coding is the best language for kids to start programming with. 

Block coding was created by Mitch Resnik, head of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. Resnik understands the value of coding and computer literacy in early education, and that’s why he created a computer language that caters especially to children between the age of 5-14. 

What makes Block coding the best programming language for kids?

In order to understand why Block coding is best for kids, we must first learn how the programming language works. The latest version of the Block coding, i.e., Block coding 3.0, requires children to drag out code blocks from a drawer (situated on the left side of the screen) and drop it in the center panel. These blocks are arranged in the center panel according to the sequence of code instructions. When running the code, the children can see the results right away in the right panel on the screen. Based on the results, kids can either test their code or develop it further. All of this happens on a visually interactive screen, making it easy to understand and make changes to. 
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Block coding is easy

It is easy because, unlike most programming languages, Block coding does not require one to know syntaxes, symbols, commands, or have necessary coding skills. It is a simple block-based programming language where kids can drag and drop blocks as they want. The order in which they drop the blocks is the order in which the code will execute. Moreover, the shape of the blocks further helps children to understand which block comes when, almost like a game of Tetris. 

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Block coding is amusing

One of the best aspects of Block coding is that it displays the outcome of the code right away. However the children are arranging the blocks, its output will appear on the screen accordingly. This type of visual confirmation that the code is working or not working correctly helps kids understand the basics of coding in a fun way. Kids learn a lot through visuals, and Block coding is visually interactive, which makes it an amusing language to code with. Moreover, with the recent upgrade, the developers at MIT have added many new features that are sure to capture children’s attention. 

Block coding lays the foundation

Block coding is not only easy and fun to play with but also close to advanced coding languages in its features and style. That means when your kids have mastered Block coding, it is easier for them to transition to other languages and not be daunted by them. Its resemblance with other full-feature and full-syntax programming languages such as Python and JavaScript makes it a foundational language for kids to get their hands on. 

It is a massive online community

Block coding is used by more than 15 million users worldwide, which means your kids have a chance to interact with other young coders like them and learn from those who are more advanced. Block coding also allows users to save their projects on their servers, allowing newbies to navigate through the great ones and develop a better understanding of how the language works and what can be achieved with it. There is currently a flood of companies providing one-to-one coding classes for kids.

LeapLearner introduces young coders to Block coding from age 5 onwards. We have found that kids adopt block coding very comfortably and inculcate programming habits with ease. You can request a free demo class and see how block coding can benefit your kids.

  • Why Block Coding is the Best Programming Language for Kids

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