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Why LeapLearner

1 Million Students | 20 Countries

World’s #1 & Largest kids Coding Education Company

CSTA , USA Curriculum

Scaffolded & age appropriate Curriculum based on CSTA.

Certification by, USA

Assessment & Certification by, Global Certification Authority CTAI*

Global Hackathons

Access to Global Competitions with Finals across Tel Aviv & San Francisco

Global BootCamps

Access to Global Collaborative Camps with children from 20 Countries

99th Percentile Teacher

Highly Selective Teacher Selection Process.

Our Programs

Our Courses are age appropriate and you can sign up for both 1-1 Live Tutor Led Learning or Classroom Based Learning in a LeapLearner Center near you.

Course Fee Starts with INR 500/ Session |

about Our Difference

What We Do

LeapLearner is a Learning Platform based on CSTA and is uniquely designed to engage students and teach them Computational Thinking & Algorithmic Intelligence in a fun way. We offer courses in Coding, App Development, Robotics, AI, Machine Learning & Logic for children aged 5-14 years.

Our Courses are available across the following.

Learning center

Online 1-1 live learning

K-12 schools

Home tutors

Every LeapLearner student gets the following:

High quality and age appropriate training in Coding, Robotics, App development, AI & Logic

Certificate from iCode, a USA based certifying authority in Computational Thinking.

Opportunities to participate in online olympiads and hackathons in Shanghai, Tel Aviv and San Francisco.

offline Offline learning

Learning Centres

LeapLearner operates Learning Centres in partnership with After-School Centres & Pre-Schools within close proximities of residential communities. LeapLearner Trainers teach students of aged 5-14 years in 60-minute batches from Monday through Saturday.

Some of the offerings at our Learning Centres are:

Exceptional trainers

Small batches of 10-12 students

Teacher-students ratio of 1:12

Equipped with age appropriate teaching-learning infrastructure

Learn in a centre near you

online Online learning

Online 1-1 Live Learning

LeapLearner offers Live 1-1 Classes where Students can sign up and learn any of the Computational Thinking & Algorithmic Intelligence Courses from the comfort of their homes.

Our Live Classes offer:

Exceptional trainers

Interactive 1-1 personalized learning

Personalized feedback and learning growth track

Certification by iCode after the end of each course

Learn online

schools Offering programs

K-12 Schools

LeapLearner works with K-12 schools and integrates its courses with the School curriculum across CBSE, IGSE, ICSE and IB boards for grades 1-8.
Our curriculum development team works with the School team to create a customized Learning Curriculum and plan.
Schools benefit from a Global curriculum and opportunities for their students to collaborate with World’s largest and best cohort of trainers and students spread across countries like USA, Israel, China, Nigeria and South Africa.
Schools also get certified by iCode as Education Institutes offering Computational Thinking & Algorithmic Intelligence courses.

Offer LeapLearner programs in your schools

tutors Our Tutors


LeapLearner will work with enterprising individuals who want to use LeapLearner platform to offer our courses from their homes. Each Home Tutor Applicant undergoes stringent screening process including Computational Acumen, Teaching Ability and Child Safety guidelines.
Students can sign up for classes with 1-1 Classes or Group Classes with a home tutor at their homes or in a community near them.

Become a LeapLearner home tutor

Why Learn Coding?

Young children acquire skills like Analytical Thinking, Innovation, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Analysis and Complex Problem Solving through Computational Thinking based courses of Coding, AI, Robotics & Logic. These are skills required for children to excel and succeed in future.

World Economic Forum Lists these as skills of Future. Computational Thinking – Coding & Robotics Courses help young Children acquire these skills and build strong foundation; making them ready for Jobs of Future.

Everyone should learn how to code, It teaches you how to think.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are likely to have a major impact on work and productivity over the next decade.

We anticipate that in the next two decades industrialized countries will have more job openings than workers to fill them, and that robotics and automation will play an increasingly crucial role in

- He joined LeapLearner 45 days back. I have seen a lot of improvement in him in this short span of time. He loves Coding. He is developing an App right now and is very excited about it.

Sneha mother of Vedant

Both my sons joined LeapLearner 30 days ago in the coding Program. It’s remarkable to see them make games of their own !

Satinder Kaur, mother of Baldeep and Jagjeet Singh

- My child has grown drastically since I made him join LeapLearner. He has made an App which I can use to keep a tab on my daily expenses. Can’t express how proud I am !

• Garima Bajaj mother of Madhvendra Bajaj

- LeapLearner proved to be an apt learning platform for my daughter. Reasoning has improved her mental abilities as well as logic making skills. I look forward to many more sessions with them.

Divya Mittal Rastogi mother of Saumya Rastogi

My daughter hasstarted using tablet at home to not play games but create games of her own. Simply Brilliant !!!

Neetu mother of Linisha

- The experience with LeapLearner was amazing as she has learnt many new things... You have made complicated things like learning coding easier through your guidance that she learned them easily.

Seema Bareja mother of Deepanshi Bareja

I am very happy with the centre and the team of teachers. Thank you for helping her Rakshita realize her interest in Robotics. She is now busy using her knowledge of Robotics to automate things at home. Make us very proud of her.

Richa Purohit mother of Rakshita Purohit -

I have found an improvement in Himank- his ability to think and reasoning power has also improved thanks to the App Development Program. Here a student is given various opportunities including remedial classes on weekends.

Kavita Madan mother of Himank Madan

When we got Radhika for the trial classes at LeapLearner Coding Camp, we were surprised to see her quickly learning basics of Coding . I am glad that we chose the program. I would recommend this for parents looking for analytical development of their children.

M C Rathore grandparent of Radhika Rathore

I want to confess one thing that when I first decided to send Cherisha for Coding Program, I was very sceptical if such a young child will learn anything with coding. Today I can proudly say that she can create animations and games on her own ,thanks to the LeapLearner Coding program.

Vandana Tolkas mother of Cherisha Tokas

Pricing & Fee Structure

All LeapLearner Students will get life time access licence of the LeapLearner Learning platform.
  • Online 1 : 1

  • ₹650/hour

    • Graded Course Transcript
    • Graded Course Certificate from iCode*
    • Lifetime access Licence of LeapLearner Platform.
    • Online International Olympiad Participation.

    80 Hours of Learning for each course

  • Online Group Classes

  • ₹400/hour

    • Graded Course Transcript
    • Graded Course Certificate from iCode*
    • Lifetime access Licence of LeapLearner Platform.
    • Online and Physical participation in International Olympiad held in Shanghai, Tel Aviv & Sanfransico

    80 Hours of Learning for each course.

  • Offline Learning Centres

  • ₹375/hour

    • Graded Course Transcript
    • Graded Course Certificate from iCode*
    • Lifetime access Licence of LeapLearner Platform.
    • Online and Physical participation in International Olympiad held in Shanghai, Tel Aviv & Sanfransico

    80 Hours of Learning for each course