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What is Logic & Reasoning?

Logic & Reasoning (LR) skill is the ability to focus on the presented data ( Mathematical, Graphical or Pattern) and following an iterative thought process by relating one problem statement after another, until finding the most logical solution.


Why Logic & Reasoning for Kids

Logic and Reasoning is fundamental for Critical thinking

Out of the 10 Skills listed as skills of future by world economic forum, LR helps develop critical thinking and analysis, Reasoning, Problem Solving & Ideation. These Skills when introduced to children during their early stages of learning will help build a strong foundation for skills of future.


Learning Pedagogy

One Class

  • Introduction of New Concept
  • Guided Practice of Questions
  • Independent Practice of Questions
  • Check for Understanding.

x 40 Classes = 1 Level


Assessment & Certification

One Computer adaptive Assessment with Certification after Every Level by, the Global Authority for Computational Thinking & Algorithmic Intelligence

  • Logic & Reasoning Course

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