Top 10 Reasons for Kids to Learn Coding

We have said at the time and again that coding goes beyond the ability to program and create apps, websites, and games. Most of the reasons that we advocate for kids to learn to code have little to do with actual programming. First of all, coding teaches kids to be disciplined and systematic. It helps them be creative, innovative, and have a problem-solving attitude in the face of difficulties.

When you are introducing your kids to coding, you are essentially preparing them for the future and helping them develop an overall versatile personality. L

Let's take a look at the top 10 reasons for kids to learn to code:

Makes kids future-ready

We are living through the age of change, which means the world we are experiencing today will not be the same in the upcoming future. It is safe to say that most of the changes that the world will go through will be related to technology. The concept of AI, machine learning, automation, big data analytics are here to stay and will only grow in the future.

In such a scenario, computer literacy and fundamental knowledge of computer programming become a necessity. Teaching kids to code will not only encourage them to understand computer technology better, but it helps them establish a secure future where they would be productive members of society.

Problem-solving skills

Coding requires patience, determination, and innovation--all the traits that make up for a problem-solving personality. Whether the kids need to bring an idea to reality or fix something with the program, they would need to have a sharp eye, creative thinking, and an unnerving amount of patience. These skills can later be a part of their personality and help them remain calm, collected, and confident in real-life difficult situations as well. In this way, every coding project builds up a problem-solving attitude in kids.

Logical reasoning skills

Coding classes require a lot of mental marathon from kids, which, in turn, helps them develop strong logical reasoning skills. By learning to code, kids also learn to employ logical reasoning and critical thinking to come up with different ways of implementing their ideas.

Using logical reasoning, kids learn to question assumptions, develop theories, and test their ideas to find the best solution for the problem at hand. These skills not only come in handy with programming but also in various ways of life including landing a suitable job, finding a competent partner, making good friends, and being overall accomplished.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is the process of objectively analysing a situation or a problem to come up with the most suitable solution. Through critical thinking, one can rationally and sceptically analyse a problem and use the gained insights to take a particular course of action.

Coding is considered one of the best tools to teach kids critical thinking, thanks to its practical and real-world approach. With coding, one can think differently and creatively, which is another factor that syncs with the process of critical thinking.

Lastly, critical thinking and coding both require one to have an open mind to understand the variability of possible solutions to a problem.

Develop self-confidence

While learning to code, kids can develop apps, websites, games, and much more. When kids find themselves competent at bringing their ideas to life using creativity and problem-solving skills, they automatically develop self-confidence and motivation to take on more complex tasks. With coding, children can set certain goals, go through various methods to bring their ideas into reality, and see their imagination come to life. As they learn and grow with coding, kids can set greater goals and achieve better results, which, in turn, will help them be confident.

Build communication skills

Communication skills are essential for one to succeed in almost every aspect of life. Whether it is personal or professional life, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively goes a long way.

By learning to code, kids develop effective communication skills as much of coding requires one to be an efficient team member. To work well in a team, kids need to be able to develop their communication skills and relay their messages most effectively. Whether the discussion is being held verbally or in a written form, a powerful communication skill can be one of the most important assets in your kid's arsenal.

Algorithmic thinking

Whether your kids are aware of the word algorithm or not, they are aware of its basic premise. Algorithms can be defined as following a set of sequence to complete certain tasks. Activities such as dressing up, taking a bath, brushing teeth, and even walking uses algorithms.

Coding requires algorithmic thinking at its most basic form, which means you must execute tasks in a certain order to be able to complete a program. Algorithmic thinking also requires one to stick to the old tried and tested approach instead of trying new tricks.

Build entrepreneurial skills

Being an entrepreneur is not just about being able to run a business, it is about finding opportunities, using resources to come up with viable solutions, and bringing new ideas to life.

When kids learn to code, they are exposed to all of these challenges and can develop their entrepreneurial skills. All coding projects require one to have a vision, take risks, and solve problems. Moreover, if the project is team-based, it would require optimum communication skill and teamwork skills. If your kids aspire to become an entrepreneur, coding is one of the best places to get them started.

Teamwork and collaboration

As we have mentioned above, coding requires one to be able to work in a team, either as a leader or a member. When kids work on extensive coding projects, they will have to establish continuous communication with other members of their team for the project to come out complete and perfect. Coding projects also help kids develop social and interpersonal skills and help them work as efficient member of the team.

Better academic performance

This goes without saying that kids who learn to code at a young age tend to be better at academic performance, thanks to the number of skills they pick up while creating apps, websites, and games. Coding links with pretty much all the major subjects being taught in school including Maths, Science, Engineering, and Technology. With insights into all these subjects, kids can better understand and retain what's being taught in the school and give better results in the exams.

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  • Top 10 Reasons for Kids to Learn Coding

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