How Coding and Animation Go Hand in Hand in Developing Kids for the Future

We all have grown up watching Disney movies and Cartoon Network shows. Some of us like it more than live-action cinema mostly because of how fascinating the world creation is in cartoon shows and movies. However, very few of us have ever come to wonder about how cartoon characters are made. 

Well, cartoon characters are animated figures that have been designed to execute certain tasks. The animation is the process of manipulating stable drawings to appear as moving images. Animation has been around since the early 1900s and it has seen massive technological development ever since.

Earlier, before the advent of computers, the animation was done by painting figures on transparent plastic sheets and photographing them in sequence to give the paintings some sort of motion. Before 1995, all animated movies were made this way. Toy Story was the first movie ever to have been made entirely with the help of computers.

Nowadays, anyone can learn to animate. Kids all over the world are taking animation courses in order to animate their ideas into short films of their own. Animation, throughout the years, has developed so much that kids can draw the characters out of their imagination and turn them into the next most-loved animated character.

Did you know animation and coding are related? In this article, we will highlight all the skills your kids are going to learn while getting their hands on animation and how these skills are similar to the ones used in coding. 

Let’s take a look:

Skills Your Kids Can Learn Through Animation

There is a range of skills that children can acquire while learning how to animate as well as learning to code. Here, we will mention only three of the range of benefits animation can have on your kids’ way of thinking, and their cognitive abilities. 

All these abilities are important and can be learned in an easy and fun way. All you need to do is establish a friendly and learning environment in which kids feel comfortable and are capable of expressing themselves freely. 

Creative Thinking

The ability to think creatively is one of the most essential skills one needs to have in order to succeed in life. It will help kids fit into the rapidly changing technological advancements that we are witnessing on a day-to-day basis. This skill will also help kids comprehend issues and be able to find solutions to them in a number of ways.

Learning to animate fuels creativity among kids. When kids animate, they can bring their imagination to real life and it can really empower kids to think out of the box and have a new approach to everything they do. 

Same with learning to code. When kids are learning to code, they tend to think creatively and find and come up with unique solutions to various problems. 

Sequence Thinking

We all should be aware that each thing that happens has to do with a series of things that have happened before. This is the process of life. Kids who understand this at an early age tend to be smarter in grasping real-life.

Sequential thinking is something that is taught to engineers in universities. Kids who strengthen this skill at an early age can be creative in their approach to everyday problems. It can help them create their own animation while having fun.

Sequential thinking is at the core of animation. After all, it is only after the steps taken before are solidified that one can move forward with their animation. 

According to recent publications, sequential thinking is the process of arranging information in an orderly manner. It involves a step-by-step progression. In animation and coding, a step must be taken before another is executed.

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Self-Esteem and Self-Expression

Hands-on learning is one of the best ways to get your kids to develop their skills and be more confident in their approach. When a kid learns to do something by experiencing the entire process, their approach towards the subject is friendlier and more enjoyable.

Nevertheless, when you give your kids a chance to turn their imaginations into real-world, they will be more excited and enthusiastic than ever. Moreover, seeing their imagination come into life and being praised, they develop self-esteem and become more confident in their lives.

With coding and animation, children can do exactly that. Kids can create real-world applications with animation and be lauded for it by fans all around the world

  • How Coding and Animation Go Hand in Hand in Developing Kids for the Future

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