Coding and Life Skills: The Interrelation Between Computer Programming and Essential Life Skills

Computers have become an intrinsic part of our lives. Nowadays, kids get used to technologies around them as soon as they start to make sense of things. And technology is only here to stay. In the coming future it would be impossible to separate ourselves from technology.

With such drastic changes in the making, new ideas are coming up the horizon. One of these ideas is coding. As technology becomes an inseparable part of the world, coding becomes the only way to get better attuned with everything around us.

In fact, coding has become so popular in recent years that it is being directly compared to certain essential life skills.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the life skills that coding inculcates and how we can learn computer programming to not only make better use of technology around us but also lead a better, smarter life.

Coding as a Life Skill

There is an array of reasons why coding is considered one of the most important life skills. The new technology is ushering in an era of automation and a large fraction of current jobs are getting replaced with machines and robots.

In such a scenario, jobs that require creativity and human intelligence will become especially popular.

Since coding teaches us to interact with computers in their language, it is one of the most important life skills to learn today.

Real Life Applications of Coding


Businesses nowadays are increasingly dependent on digital technology. If your kids want to start their own business, it is time to introduce them to languages like HTML and CSS so they could develop mobile applications, websites, and other elements of a successful business.


Programming languages like Python teach kids to develop an analytical mindset. When kids learn to analyze things around them, they tend to get smarter and more aware of their surroundings, which, in turn, helps them become a problem solver.

Problem Solving

Extending on the previous point, coding in MATLAB, Python, Java, and C++ helps kids develop problem solving skills. Coding in these languages, kids learn to identify and apply various ways of solving one problem, which helps them have a different perspective to the same situation.

Time Management

Time management is an important skill to master, especially for kids. When kids learn to code, they understand the importance of each minute. Computer programming helps kids develop speed and accuracy and be mindful of the activities they participate in.

Writing a single code incorrectly in any language can slow down the learning process. And it is only after encountering countless numbers of such mistakes do kids learn to be accurate and timely in whatever they do.

Logical and Critical Thinking

Coding requires kids to think out of the box yet stick to logical thinking in most programming activities. It takes simple logic and logical gates to produce impactful results. It takes years to produce something meaningful from very little input. With coding, kids can master and learn to apply this skill within weeks.

Neatness and Cleanliness

Keeping things neat and clean is one of the most important life skills that one should learn. When you get your kids to learn to code, they develop a habit of keeping things in order.

When kids begin to learn to code, they encounter a number of broken and cluttered codes. Oftentimes, when they go back to correct the code, they get stuck. This makes them realize the importance of being clean and tidy in their approach to coding as well as real life scenarios.

Eventually, kids learn to develop clean codes and get in the habit of keeping everything around them clean as well.


Learning to code is the need of the hour. Coding is an important skill to learn, not only because of our dependability on technology but also because it teaches essential life skills that can be applied and benefited from one's entire life.

If you are looking for a stream to get your kids enrolled into, coding should be your primary choice.

  • Coding and Life Skills: The Interrelation Between Computer Programming and Essential Life Skills

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